75 ft high props and animations
The Famous Santa

Testimonials from some of our clients that have used our Animated Displays over the past twenty three years...

I have run shopping centres for over thirty years. I have learnt over that period that at each of the centres there was a common requirement, I needed a talented supplier that could provide me with a number of different skills and services. I needed someone to build me a grotto , produce new signage, repaint or repair a damaged wall, produce an animated promotion to celebrate a special occasion, paint a mural to make a dead area appealing. The list is endless but what is constant is that, I always wanted it done today, I wanted it to be on budget, I wanted it  to be of the highest quality and I wanted my customers to marvel at the finished product. I found such a supplier in Attic Display of Liverpool.

I have used Attic Display at all the centres that I have managed where they have provided me with Christmas Grottos that have amazed our young visitors and their mums and dads for years and continue to do so. If you are in the market for your next Grotto or like me you need that talented contractor to provide you with that special service that you can’t readily find, then you need look no further than Attic Display.
Arnold Wilcox Wood - General Manager, Merseyway Shopping Centre.

Attic Display has served the Cherry Tree Shopping Centre for over 10 years. In that time they have supplied festive and seasonal displays that have always been well received by our customers due to the great animation incorporated into each display. Peter and his team have always operated in a highly professional manner when providing their bespoke service. I have no qualms in recommending Attic Display.
John White - Centre Manager, Cherry Tree Shopping Centre, Wallasey.   

Many,many thanks for providing me with such unique and attractive Animated Displays, both Christmas and Easter, during the last three or four years while I have been at Stretford Mall. You have always been able to provide very original and different schemes to fit our every need and budget and guaranteed to create such a lot of public interest.

I must say that your operating of staff, toys and instant pictures for our very popular Christmas Grotto takes such a lot of strain away from Centre Management and makes life just a bit easier during the very hectic buildup to Christmas. It would be remiss of me not to mention at this point, your very excellent print and signage division who also created wonderful items for us here at Stretford.

Once again thank you all, for all your help and sheer professionalism including the years at my previous Shopping Centre
Colin McRory - Centre Manager, Stretford Mall Shopping Centre.

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